The Rock Foundry - Music Performance School
The Rock Foundry - Music Performance School

Creating music with young people.

Are you passionate about making music? We work with young people, aged from 9 to 16, who have already been learning to play guitar, bass, drums or keyboard, or who love to sing and who now want to do more with what they've learnt. Our students play together in bands, make recordings, play live gigs and create new music.
We also teach music recording and production.

Watch some videos of our past events on our You Tube channel.
Or if you just want the audio, you can listen to some of our recordings on Soundcloud.

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About The Rock Foundry

Creative, inclusive and fun.

Based just to the north of Cheltenham, at the Two Rivers recording studios, The Rock Foundry provides a relaxed, friendly environment, where our students get the opportunity to use and develop their existing musical skills with others who have a similar passion for music.  
We help our kids to develop their songwriting and since we also teach music recording and production, we provide a solid foundation for all young people who would like to take their music further than they ever thought possible.

For us, the music is all important, and we have fun while we're creating it. We provide a really exciting alternative to traditional music lessons, where our students can practice what they've been learning their musical instruments for. 

Does this sound of interest? If so, we would like to invite you to try one or two taster sessions, which would be FREE and you would be under no obligation to sign up.



Here are some of our most recent events...

Live @ The 2 Pigs

Sport Beat Festival

Lakeside FC

Live at the 2 Pigs

In the past we have had our bands performing on a regular basis at the 2 Pigs but this was the first time we had put on a show comprising sets of up to 20 minutes for some of our singers. We have so many talented performers coming through that we are trying to develop a new format of entertainment, and the 2 Pigs and the Two Rivers production studios are helping us to do this.

Sport Beat Festival

This was a really good opportunity for some of our pupils to get out there and perform to a wider audience. Getting the experience of playing at a festival, with the bigger stage and the huge spaces, gives us a whole new perspective on how to put ourselves across and entertain people.

Lakeside FC

Increasingly we are being invited to perform at local events. We were delighted to get the opportunity to perform at the Lakeside FC 40th anniversary celebrations during the summer. Sometimes we are just at events to provide music as background while people are occupied with the main attractions. But that's fine by us.

About our tutors.
Our tutors, as you would expect, are excellent musicians. They bring music to life and make their sessions constructive but fun. Many of them perform in bands, or as solo artists outside of The Rock Foundry and can often be seen in gigs around town, or in local music festivals. As well as their high instrumental playing standards, they bring other skills too, such as music production and songwriting, so our students get a much broader music industry experience.


Think you’d like to be one of our tutors? 

From time to time we have vacancies for tutors and would like to hear from you if you are a skilled musician and have a passion for creating music. We think our tutors are really something special and we expect a lot from them. They work hard to develop the skills of our students and to inspire them to make music an important part of their lives. And all this with a smile. 





Contact Us at The Rock Foundry

We're always willing to help and support you with your vocal and instrumental needs. We promise a memorable and entertaining experience, so we would love it if you got in touch and found out exactly what we can offer you!
Telephone: 07917 005 259